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The king of the jungle. African lions live in scattered populations in sub-Sahara Africa, though their populations have decreased rapidly and they are classed as vulnerable species.

We name our Smoked chilli sauce after the simba, a mighty sauce packed full of flavour. Perfect for marinating, if you’re a spice lover – this hot sauce is a must!
Suitable for veggie/vegans 💚
Available for purchase in-store and online!


The African Buffalo, a large mammal with a temperament! They roam in a huge herds in Sun-Saharan Africa, the most common species is the Cape Buffalo.
We name our chilli, coriander & mint sauce after the Nyati, a cooling sauce perfect for dipping. If you’re a mint lover, this is the sauce for you
Veggie/ Vegan freindly💚
Available for purchase in-store and online


African Elephant, the gentle giants who have a lifespan of 60-70 years. The species native to Africa are the African bush elephant and the African Forest elephant who differ in size and colour of their tusks
We name our chilli and garlic sauce after the Tembo, this irresistible flavour is one of our best selling sauces. Make your own tembo dishes at home, including a customer favourite – tembo chips!🍟
Veggie/ Vegan friendly 💚
Available to purchase in-store and online


Rhinoceros, these grand, herbivorous beasts are one of the big five animals native to Africa.
We name our chilli and pineapple sauce after the Kifaru, embracing the rhinos glory with a big kick of chilli followed by an irresistible sweet sensation.
This sauce is a favourite to dip any snack in and is Veggie/Vegan friendly 💚


The African Leopard, a spotted wildcat that can run at speeds of 60km/h. Their population lies north of 700,000 but this is decreasing, they are flagged as a vulnerable species and are largely found in Sub-Sahara Africa
We name our sticky and tangy BBQ sauce after the Chui. Perfect for marinating to achieve a sweet & spicy flavour sensation.
Suitable for vegetarians 💚
Available to purchase in-store and online

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We deliver our home made exotic sauces within 3 miles. While ordering your takeaway you can always order the sauces as well.


The vision behind Bandaa was to bring to North West London, the sights, sounds and flavours of East North Indian and Africa, a unique cuisine that celebrates the meeting of Kenyan and Indian flavours. We invite you to come and enjoy a breathtaking East African experience surrounded by art, music, culture, great food and cocktails.

Whether you are looking to relax and indulge over cocktails at our chic bar or wish to be taken on an exciting culinary journey with our mouth-watering menu of fresh, exotic and inventive Kenyan-Indian cuisine. We promise you an experience you won’t forget.



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